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Devoted – Christmas l November – December 2022 l Pastor Kurt
Devoted – Core Issues l August – November 2022 l Pastor Kurt
Learning to Pray l November 20, 2022 l Prayer Team & Pastor Kurt
Harvest Sunday l November 13, 2022 l Pastor Kurt
Christian Community l October 9, 2022 l Caleb Stout
Communion l October 2, 2022 (World Communion Sunday) l Pastor Kurt
The Inner Circle l September 4, 2022 l Micah Hoffman
Devoted – Core Beliefs l April – August 2022 l Pastor Kurt
Devoted – Core Values  l  January – April 2022  l  Pastor Kurt & Guest Speakers
Greeting of Grace & Peace  l  January 2, 2022  l  Nathan Bucher

Our Greatest Gifts  l  Advent & Christmas  l  November-December 2021 l  All Pastors
God Will Provide  l  Harvest Service  l  November 14, 2021 l  Pastor Kurt
Colossians  l  October-November 2021  l  Pastor Kurt 
The Unity of Christian Community  l  September 26, 2021  l  Pastor Kurt
Words to the Weary  l  September 19, 2021  l  Pastor Kurt
The Call of God  l  August 29, 2021  l  Pastor Kurt
Malawi Mission Team  l  August 8, 2021  l  2021 Malawi Mission Team
Walk in Light. Walk in Love. Walk in Truth  l  July-September 2021  l  Pastor Kurt
Do you Doubt  l  July 4, 2021  l  Pastor Ron
Goodness of God l  June 27, 2021  l  Diaconate Leadership Council
Youth Sunday  l  June 6, 2021  l  Pastor Dylan
Heart of Parenting  l  May-June 2021  l  Pastor Kurt
Be the Church  l  April-May 2021  l  Jarrod Hubbard, Pastor Kurt
The Gardener’s Questions  l  Easter  l  April 4, 2021  l  Pastor Kurt
The Cross 
l  Palm Sunday  l  Mar 28, 2021  l  Pastor Kurt
Unlearn  l  February – March 2021  l  Pastor Kurt
Martha, Martha  l  Jan 31, 2021  l  Pastor Kurt
The Crazy Cycle  l  Jan 24, 2021  l  Pastor Kurt
What Has God Been Feeling?  l  Jan 17, 2021  l  Pastor Kurt
Christian Community  l  Jan 10, 2021  l  Pastor Kurt
Not Ashamed  l  Jan 3, 2021  l  Pastor Kurt

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