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September Study

In August we read Proverbs.  In September we will study what is sometimes referred to as “the Proverbs of the New Testament” – the book of JAMES.  Our challenge this month is much easier: five chapters in five weeks.

Going Deeper challenge: Compare each chapter with the life of Jesus.  How did He live out the key principles of James?

Catch a glimpse of Jesus and James each Sunday this month.

We’re Hiring

North Manchester First Brethren Church is seeking a qualified individual to serve as Worship Coordinator. Among other things qualified applicants will be well organized, passionate about worship, and proficient at both leading and delegating as needed. This is a part time position, approximately 15 hours per week, with flexible work hours. Job descriptions are available through the church office or click here to download. Resumes and inquiries can be submitted via email ( or in person. Deadline to apply is October 15.


If you are reading this page, then I can be certain of at least one thing. God wants to do something wonderful in your life. Over the 20 years that I have been at First Brethren Church, I have had the opportunity to meet several people at various stages of their life. Time after time I have witnessed how God has weaved the ministry of First Brethren with people just like you. So whether for just one Sunday or for many Sundays, I am certain that God has placed you here at this time for a wonderful reason.

It won’t take long for you to discover that First Brethren is a place that genuinely loves the Lord and loves one another. We laugh together, cry together, serve together, and learn together. We care deeply for this community and we care deeply for you. If you’ve been searching for a friendly place to meet God then I am confident you will experience that here. I know this because I meet God through the many people I am privileged to call family here at First Brethren.

I am eager to know you and share with you all the marvelous ways God is working in the life of this church and community.

Kurt Stout, Senior Pastor