Heart of Parenting (May-June 2021)

A six-part sermon series on how God uses parenting or mentoring to shape our faith and deepen our relationship with Him. From Mother’s Day to Father’s Day this year, we studied spiritual formation principles through the lens of raising children.

6-6-21: Youth Sunday
(stand alone message)

This week we celebrated our seniors and heard from Pastor Dylan, our Youth Discipleship Coordinator, during our worship service at the park.

6-27-21: Goodness of God
(stand alone message)

The (DLC) Diaconate Leadership Counsel shares how they have seen God at work in the lives of the church and His people. They will use the 5 parental characteristics of God as an outline (the LOVE of God, the PROVISION of God, the PROTECTION of God, the GUIDANCE of God, and the JOY of God). Let us Listen and celebrate with the DLC for our God is alive and worthy of our praise!