Our Greatest Gifts is a sermon series focusing on what
YOU can give Jesus this Christmas and all year long!

11-28-21 l Our Greatest Gifts

Advent is a season to consider what gifts we can give Jesus.  So, what does He want from us?  What gifts can you bring?

12-05-21 l Wake up

Pastor Dylan Stillman, Youth Discipleship Coordinator, gives today’s lesson on obedience from the example of Joseph.

12-12-21 l Lessons from the Shepherds

Pastor Ron Burns, Adult Discipleship Coordinator, shares lessons from Luke 2:8-20 and our LOFT (1st-6th graders) share their Christmas program.

12-19-21 l The Gift of Humility

Micah Hoffman, Youth Discipleship Intern from Grace College, speaks on Luke 1:26-38 and what we can learn from Mary’s example of humility.

12-26-21 l Bring your Gifts to the Manger

Today Pastor Kurt concludes our Advent & Christmas series “Our Greatest Gifts”