01-02-22 l Greetings of Grace & Peace (stand alone message)

Pastor Nathan Bucher is a 2002 graduate of Manchester High School and was a regular attender of First Brethren Church and High School Youth group. After graduating Huntington University with a degree in Elementary Education, he followed his soon-to-be wife back to Minnesota where he taught 2nd grade for 12 years in the public school system, minus a two year stint serving as missionaries in Haiti. In 2019 Nathan transitioned to full time pastoral ministry as associate pastor of Becker Baptist Church. In February 2021, Becker Baptist Church called Nathan to be their senior pastor. Nathan and Kristi have been blessed with two children, Ruby (2) and Luke (6 mos.)

We are honored to have Pastor Nate join us this morning! He is preaching on Galatians 1:3-5.

For 2022 we are taking it back to the basics of our faith. In Part 1 of the Devoted series, Core Values, we studied each of the seven core values of FBC and how they emphasize Biblical principles and qualities God desires us to be devoted to: leading, serving, praying, loving, worshiping, discipling, giving.

01-09-22 l Devoted

Today Pastor Kurt is introducing our theme for the year and issuing some challenges for our congregation.

01-16-22 l Empowered Servant Leadership

01-23-22 l Empowered Servant Leadership
Our speaker today is Jared Blocher.
“I’m 31 years old, I’ve been married to Becca Blocher for 6.5 wonderful years. I have a bachelor’s degree in wildlife ecology and conservation, I lived and worked at Riverside school in Kentucky for 3 years, I taught a variety of classes but my main roll was as the science teacher for the high schoolers. I’m currently a Natural Resource Specialist with the US Army Corps of Engineers at Mississinewa Lake. I’m on the Outreach committee and I’m co-leader of the 9:15 All Ages class that meets in the library.”

01-30-22 l Need-Based Evangelism

02-06-22 l Transformational Discipleship

02-13-22 l Need-Based Evangelism
Our speaker today is Tricia Stan.
Tricia is a tenured member and co-chair of the Taylor University department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. She graduated from Houghton College in upstate NY and earned her PhD in organometallic chemistry at Washington University in St. Louis. She has taught at Taylor for over 20 years. Tricia is married to Scott Stan, the women’s soccer coach at Taylor, so each Fall while other people’s children go off to school “their girls” come “home”. Tricia and Scott are birdwatchers and she quilts or gardens in any spare time. Tricia and Scott lived in North Manchester and walked to church for 12 years then moved to Marion to be closer to work and now drive to church.

02-20-22 l Transformational Discipleship
Our speaker today is Matt Burlingame.
Matt, his wife Julie, and their three kids (Emma, Elijah, and Isaiah) have been attending NMFBC for about 10 years. They moved to North Manchester in 2007 when Matt was hired to be the University’s wrestling coach and teach some classes. Matt now works for CORE Mechanical Services as the company’s materials manager. Julie is a 5th grade teacher at Manchester Intermediate School. Emma is a junior at Grace College and Elijah is a freshman at Trine. Isaiah is in his sophomore year at Manchester High School. Matt serves on the Youth Discipleship Ministry and occasionally helps lead the Acts men’s Sunday School class.

02-27-22 l Persistent Passionate Prayer

03-6-22 l Persistent Passionate Prayer
Today’s speaker is Heidi Stout
Heidi is the happy wife of Pastor Kurt Stout and mom to four kids who are spreading their wings and gradually leaving the nest one by one (Isaac, Caleb, Beletu, Hanna). She is a singer and  percussionist on the worship team, mentors young women, participates in Life 167 groups, and serves beside her husband in ministry. She is passionate about spiritual practices/disciplines, what it looks like to be and make disciples, and simplifying and organizing houses. Yes, you read that correctly! Closets are her favorite. And her best “workday” is when she gets to combine them all and help others in their journey toward Jesus. 

03-13-22 l Spirit-led Worship
Due to technical difficulties, we were unable to record the entire service this week. We apologize for the inconvenience.

03-20-22 l Spirit-led Worship
Today’s speaker is David Pyle
David has been attending NMFBC his entire life, with the exception of 4 years he spent at Purdue University in Ag & Bio Engineering. He and his wife, Kim, have 3 kids (Fin, Stella, and Hadley). He has worked for POET since construction in 2008 and is now the General Manager. Kim works as “general manager” of their kids, home, and schedule. 😉 They enjoy photography and have turned this hobby into a small business. In the spring and fall, David helps his parents (Mike & Cindy) on
the family farm. He also serves on the worship team behind the scenes running projection and attends the Gathering Sunday School Class.

03-27-22 l Healthy Loving Relationships

04-03-22 l Healthy Loving Relationships
Today’s speaker is Ethan Davis
Ethan began attending NMFBC in 2001 with his mother, Janelle, and remained in the church until graduating from Manchester High School in 2019. Ethan is the son of Chris and Janelle Walters. He is in his senior year at Huntington University pursing a major in Youth Ministries, as well as a minor in Bible and Theology. In June, Ethan will begin a six-month internship at Lifepointe Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. Upon completion of his internship, Ethan is set to graduate from HU in January of 2023. While in Huntington, Ethan has plugged in to The Well United Brethren Church and has worked a part-time ministry job for two years at HU, serving the men on his residence floor.

04-10-22 l Joyful Generosity

4-17-22 l A Borrowed Empty Grave
Today is Resurrection Sunday – Jesus is Alive!

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