LIGHT/LOVE/TRUTH (Jul-Sept 2021)

7-4-21: Do you Doubt?
(stand alone message)
Pastor Ron asks the question “Have you ever had doubt?” Scripture reference from Luke 7:18-23

Walk in Light. Walk in Love. Walk in Truth
A study of 1-3 John. These 7 chapters contain important lessons about walking in God’s light, God’s Love, and God’s Truth amid a dark and deceiving world.

God uses John’s letters to remind readers then and now to remain faithful followers of the true Jesus and the true Gospel.  Read along one chapter at a time as we journey through John’s three small, but power letters to the church.

8-8-21 Malawi Mission Team
(stand alone message)
Today the team that recently traveled to Malawi, Africa share pieces of their story and how they saw God moving in the planning and execution of their trip. The slides the team refers to throughout the service can be viewed by clicking here.

8-15-21 l 1 John 4: The Look of Authentic Love

8-22-21 l 1 John 5: American Idols

8-29-21 l The Call of God
(stand alone message)
Join us from Warvel Park as we celebrate those who’ve been called to ministry!

9-5-21 l 2 John

9-12-21 l 3 John l Good Job! Great Job!
The conclusion of our current series.

9-19-21 l Words to the Weary
(stand alone message)

9-26-21 l The Unity of Christian Community
(stand alone message)