In Part 2 of the Devoted series, we are looking at Core Beliefs. We’ll cover topics such as Who is God? What is Sin? Why is the Bible so important? Jesus’ Death & Resurrection, Creation & the Fall of Humanity, End Times & the Return of Jesus, The Holy Spirit, the Church, … and more. Bring your Bibles and bring a friend as we discover together more about the foundational truths of our faith.

5-15-22 l Sin & Separation

5-8-22 l God and the Trinity
Pastor Ron Burns

5-1-22 l Faith In Action
We’re not having church today – we are being the Church today! Faith in Action is our annual weekend to focus on serving. We’ve partnered with individuals, families, and organizations in our community to GO and BE the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. Our Devoted: Core Beliefs series will resume next Sunday!

4-24-22 l How to Approach the Word