Vacation Bible School

Rocky Railway Easy VBS 2020 | Vacation Bible School - Group

Our VBS sessions have already begun, but if you can’t attend, you can have your own at home!

Here are some activities from our week you can share in together!

Jesus’ power helps us do hard things!

We can trust Jesus to help us do things that may be hard or scary.  Our Bible story is from the book of Acts 9:1-19.  Read it together from a Bible.  Saul had hated Christians in the past and Ananias knew it, but Ananias obeyed God, even if he was afraid! He helped Saul and even called him “brother” so that Saul learned more about following Jesus! 

Learn our theme song and sing and do the motions together:


Play a fun train game together! You will need two pool noodles or yard sticks. One person stands in front and holds one end of the noodles/sticks while the other person is at the end–behind the other person in line like a train with the back end of the noodles. They are the “train.”   Place a chair or stool about 25 feet away to be the “train station.” Both people must work together to run to and around the train station two times.  Time them, then switch with others in your family or group and see which train can make it in the fastest time without coming apart. 🙂

God Sightings: Talk together about ways you have seen God today.  Notice things only God could make and do.  How has God helped you do hard things or lately? Spend time together praying and thanking God for being with you.

Our Bible Verse for day one is Philippians 4:13: “For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.”  Practice saying it and see if you can even memorize this verse to remind you of Jesus’ power!  Ideas to help:  Write the verse on a piece of paper. Read it out loud. Use a small piece of paper to cover up one word. Try reading the verse again, filling in the word you can’t see. Keep going, covering up one word at a time after you read it again.  Keep going until you know the whole verse.  It’s ok to peek if you need it!

Close with singing this song together, reminding us of who God is and how we can trust Him!