JAN-FEB 2023

1-1-23 l Fellowship of the Burning Heart
Pastor Ron kicks us off for the new year with a look at Luke 24.

1-8-23 l Second Sundays
SECOND SUNDAYS in 2023 is a special initiative to encourage and assist our congregation to invite others to church, dinner, class, small group, or some other kind of interaction where spiritual and relational conversations might occur. Begin to pray and look for the person or family God is wanting you to extend in invitation on these specific Sundays. Pray for the people around you who don’t yet have a personal relationship with Jesus. And then invite them to draw closer to Him.

1-15-23 l Hallowed Prayers

1-22-23 l Surrendered Prayers

1-29-23 l Asking Prayers

2-5-23 l Unhindered Prayers