Sticky Faith: Developing A Faith That Sticks After Your Kids Leave Home

The brutal reality of the current generation of young people is that 50% of Christian youth leave their faith within two years of graduating high school. To reverse this trend we must look at some tried and true best practices that we can implement to help ensure our kids’ faith matures and lasts. Based on the book Sticky Faith by Kara Powell and Brad Griffin.

Presenter: Jeff Poynter – husband, father, and youth pastor who is passionate about seeing students following Christ.

Raising the Next Christian: Empowering Our Kids to Live the Gospel           

Every Christian parent’s desire is for their kids to follow Christ. This session is based on the book The Next Christian by Gabe Lyons. Participants will examine several ways to empower our kids to truly live the gospel and be Christian in this generation.

Presenter: Lisa Rice – wife, mother, long-time Children’s Ministry volunteer and MOPs leader.

Just for Dads: How to Share Your Faith with Your Kids

Fatherhood is one of the greatest challenges men are called to, and understanding our roles as dads and how that relates to our roles as men is critical if we want to succeed in either. An encouraging and challenging call to spiritually lead our families.

Presenter: Dustin Kaehr – husband, father, and speaker on fatherhood, marriage and the Christian life.

Family Bible Storying: A New/Old Way To Get Into the Bible

Storytelling has been used for thousands of years to pass on history and tradition, and much of the Bible is told in story form. Come learn the new/old technique of Bible ‘Storying’ – a way to move knowledge of the Bible from the head to the heart in yourself and your children.

Presenter: Ben McLaughlin – husband and father, currently majoring in Biblical Studies at Grace College.

Prayer: Waging War for the Hearts of Our Kids

The goal of this breakout session is to become more aware of the spiritual battle being waged all around us, specifically how the enemy is targeting our children.  The focus will be on using prayer as a weapon to combat the enemy on several different fronts in the lives of our children including their path, plan, pals, purity, partners, and protection.

Presenter: Andy Eberly – husband and father of four.

Stressed Out, Hurting and All Alone: An In-Depth Look at Today’s Teens

What is life like for today’s typical American teenager? Research shows that students are more stressed and less supported than ever before. Participants will look specifically at the life-stage called midadolescence  and how to offer the kind of guidance and support their teen needs. Based on the books Disconnected and Hurt 2.0 by Chap Clark.

Presenter: Tim Bordeaux – husband, father, and youth pastor at First Brethren.

Switching Tracks: Making the Transition to Adulthood

Adolescence is being artificially extended. Many young people in their mid-twenties do not consider themselves to have reached adulthood yet. As parents, how do we raise up young adults who are capable, responsible, and godly?

Presenter: Roger Vezeau– husband, father to two adult children, and youth ministry veteran of 25 years.

Tech Savvy and Drowning: What Every Parent Needs to Know About New Tech

For adults, keeping up with technology is a full-time job, but for kids it’s their second nature. But alongside the wonders and benefits of new tech are many dangers and pitfalls. How do we prepare and protect our kids in using technology? How do we keep connected to them and their technology and keep them from drowning?

Presenter: Jon Bordeaux – husband, father, middle school educator.

Step by Step: 7 Steps to a Healthy Step-Family

The content from this session comes from Ron Deal’s book, The Smart Step-Family. The material supports a Christian worldview of the family and is appropriate for those currently in a step-family and those contemplating a marriage or remarriage.

Presenter: Suzanna Hicks – wife, mother, and licensed Christian counselor at First Brethren.

1, 2, 3: How Birth Order Affects Parenting

Birth order powerfully influences our identity and how we interact with others. This session will address questions and offer participants a fascinating look at how birth order affects personality, marriage and relationships, parenting style, career, and children. Session material comes out of The Birth Order Book: Why You Are the Way You Are by Dr. Kevin Leman.

Presenter: Carly McLaughlin ­– wife, mother, and educator.

Leaving a Legacy: How to Really Be the World’s Best Grandparent

Whether we realize it or not as a grandparent, we are leaving a legacy.  The question is how will our grandchildren remember it?  Will it be the one you want them to remember?  We invite you to come and hear some of our thoughts, some of which we have discovered as we have prepared, and we will also have time to hear a few of yours.

Presenters: Phil and Debbie Zile – grandparents of 23 wonderful grandkids.

Preparing for the Empty Nest

Your kids will wait while you grab some time for your marriage, but your marriage won’t wait until your kids leave home. Now is the time to upgrade your relationship and invest in your marriage.  Feather your nest now.

Presenters: Mike and Cindy Pyle – happily married for *** years, parents of 3, grandparents of 1.

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