In order to offer more options for our congregation during these challenging times of uncertainty, we are shifting one of our current worship services to include stricter safety guidelines for worship attendees.  The following information provides the details of the procedures and practices we will encourage and enforce so that as many in our congregation who wish to worship in-person can do so without health caution and concern.  This new High Restriction service begins Sunday, August 16th.  For those interested, this service will be recorded and posted online later in the day. 

Here’s what you can expect:

  • The worship service will be held in the Fellowship Hall (FH), which will be spiritually and worshipfully decorated. By using the FH, we are able to provide quick and easy entrance/exit flow, as well as seclusion from other parts of the church where there is higher people traffic on Sundays.
  • Attendees are encouraged to use the parking lot directly east of the Fellowship Hall.
  • Attendees are to enter through the ramp door. Those not attending the 9:15 service are asked to enter through other doors (unless a handicapped entrance is required).
  • All attendees to this service are required to wear a facemask while in the Fellowship Hall (this includes singing). Greeters, helpers, worship team members, and pastors will also be wearing masks when they are assisting others or moving about the room. However, vocalists and those speaking to the congregation from the platform may not be wearing face coverings; so long as they remain at a safe distance from those they are addressing. 
  • A door greeter, from a safe distance, will welcome attendees and instruct them to proceed down to the FH where another helper will be present to assist people to select one of the small seating clusters (1-5 chairs grouped together) scattered 6ft apart in the FH (capacity of 75-80). Sit alone, with those in your family, or around others you’ve mutually agreed to interact with.  The door greeters will ensure that all entering the building through the ramp are wearing face coverings.
  • Bulletins, offering boxes, and Kids worship packets will be available for those who wish to use them. Children’s programming will also be available in the education wing of the church. 
  • Foyer and Gathering Area restrooms will be available, but attendees should be aware that these will be shared spaces with those attending SS classes and the later worship service. Only one person/family at a time is permitted in each restroom.  Open/closed restroom doors indicate whether it is occupied or not.
  • The service format will be identical to the 10:30 worship service.
  • At the conclusion of the worship service, congregants will be safely dismissed by seating clusters and asked to exit using the east corner door of the FH or the ramp door.
  • Attendees are encouraged not to gather or mingle in the parking lot area.
  • Grace to one another should be extended to those attending this service or the later service, those watching online at home, and those practicing procedures different than our own.

Since there is still much uncertainty regarding the long-term nature of Covid-19, there is not a definite time table for how long this High Restriction service will be provided or when adjustments may be made to format, location, or guideline.  Your patience, cooperation, and prayers are appreciated.

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