online service

We’re still offering service online each week for those who are not ready or able to meet in person. Watch on our YouTube channel or just click play below. Services are posted mid-afternoon each Sunday.

Heart of Parenting: In this six-part sermon series we will see how God uses parenting or mentoring to shape our faith and deepen our relationship with Him. From Mother’s Day to Father’s Day, we will study spiritual formation principles through the lens of raising children. 

Additionally, a six-week video series begins on Wednesday May 19 (8:30-9:30 pm). Put the kids to bed or sneak to another room and join an on-line group for parents of all ages.  Using short videos and discussions, Pastor Kurt will guide us on a journey with Gary Thomas, author of Sacred Parenting – how God transforms lessons in raising kids into opportunities to grow in the image of Christ. Email the church office to receive a zoom link invitation. 


  1. Praise the Lord. What would we do without his love and forgiveness? I would never want to be without both.

  2. Thank you so much for the telecast. The service was wonderful… with the music, Vinyard family, with their cute video and their sharing; and your purposeful words. Thank you, Thank you.

  3. I thank you for the telecasting. I had to think about those who are unable to go to church for whatever reason, and how much this has meant to them. I praise God we have had this opportunity to be allowed to feel like we are still a part of the church family. Thank you, Pastor Kurt, and thanks to those who have made it possible for us to attend spiritually, since unable to attend physically. May God bless you and continue to use you as His vessel for us, Pastor Kurt. Thank you.

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