Church Regathering Plan


Our church leadership team remains cautious and hopeful that we can safely gather soon at church for in-person worship services.  Believe me, I’m ready to see you again.  And I’m ready to preach to a congregation rather than to a camera and Mark McKee.  By the way, a big shout out and “thank you” to him and Jason Meredith, and the worship team for faithfully helping to technically and musically help us worship week after week during the past few months.

Currently we are offering three options for Sunday mornings:

  1. Watch services at home alone (or with your family)
  2. Watch services at someone else’s home (invite a few friends/families to join you)
  3. Watch recorded services in the church fellowship hall with others from the church (10:00 am). The room is set up with a large screen and ample seating for up to 75 individuals seated in small groupings spread out around the room at appropriate social distances. (Here’s a video from our pastors showing you this in more detail)

We will continue this rhythm for the remainder of our BASIC series, which concludes June 7th.

Then what?  Although our plans could change, our desire is to host an outdoor “reunion celebration” service at Warvel Park on Sunday June 14th at 10:00 am.  We are unable to effectively live stream this service, but do plan to post a recorded service either that morning or later in the day.

Weather permitting, at the park people will bring their own chairs or blankets to sit in front of the gazebo.  We have also reserved both pavilions.  The playground and restrooms are scheduled to be open for use as well.  In case of rain, we will safely gather at the church.

On June 21st we hope to officially regather for services at the church facility.  Understandably, not everyone will feel ready to be around crowds or in the building.  So, while some of us worship in person at the corner of 5th and Sycamore, others will still worship from their homes alone or with friends and family they feel comfortable being with.  Services posted online will be from an earlier recording or will be posted later in the day in order to provide adequate time to assemble.

During this period of transition, our worship ministry and staff will continue to offer online worship experiences, as well as hold worship services at church.  For the time being, both services will be identical – a blended service as we’ve been experiencing.  This will enable us to spread out attendees more equally, and provide a cross-section of interaction of people and ages from the entire church family.  These transitionary services will be at 9:00 and 10:30 on Sunday mornings.  This half hour break between services will give people time to leave before others gather, and it will provide some time for us to also do some extra cleaning. 

Unless notified by a SS teacher, our discipleship ministries will continue to suspend Sunday morning classes and programs for nursery, children, youth, and adults.  However, we would like to encourage the congregation to safely meet in smaller group settings and to continue to make intentional and consistent efforts to connect with other families, couples, and individuals throughout the week.

So the bottom line is – Lord willing, we’ll officially regather for a “reunion celebration” on June 14th at Warvel park (10 am), and then regather for worship at our building beginning June 21st (identical services at 9:00 and 10:30 am – without nursery or classes).  But do not just sit back looking for the church to organize times for fellowship, study, and prayer.  Be the church.  Don’t wait for the church.  And pray for the church and our world.  Not just that this virus concern would pass, but that people everywhere would know God better and encounter Him in a way that revives their faith and saves their soul.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation,

Pastor Kurt and the DLC

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