Celebrate with us!

100 years of campThis summer the Brethren Retreat at Shipshewana Lake is
celebrating 100 years of
*Impacting youth with the salvation message of Jesus Christ
*Refreshing adults weary from battling the world
*Reconnecting families torn apart by busy schedules

We want to worship God with reverence and awe this summer!

It is our desire to explore the seven ways to worship. We want to teach our campers how to worship God acceptably and with awe. Our God is a mighty God. He longs for our sweet fragrance of worship in praise, song, dance, celebration, service, submission, and prayer. We will share Bible stories that illustrate how the many characters in the Bible worshiped God. We will memorize Bible verses to help campers sing, pray and celebrate as they worship. This summer at Camp Shipshewana 2020, our 300+ campers will receive a kingdom that is UNSHAKEN.

Our twelve college age Summer Staff enjoy worshiping with campers all day and around a glowing campfire. We desire to connect campers with new activities, new friends & a mighty God. Will you send us your loved ones? Please send us your loved ones! Encourage them to bring a friend or two. This may be a summer that creates an eternal difference in their life.

At NMFBC we believe summer camp is an important place for children and youth, where many of them begin their journey to life-long commitments with the Lord. We want every child to have the opportunity to go to camp—so we pay 1/2 the cost for every regular attender to church or kids/youth ministries to attend one camp or conference. Camp Sunday will be Sunday, April 26. Come to the Gathering Area between/after services to register you child(ren) for camp this day! Anyone who registers this day will receive a gift certificate to the Novelty Nook camp store to use during camp week! And remember, camp isn’t just for the kids—there are camps for everyone!

Learn more about camp and find registration information at

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