A Month of Rest

Rest – Renewal – Relationships

The idea of enjoying Sabbath as a congregation came as a result of the Pastoral staff and DLC reading the book Building a Discipling Culture by Mike Breen and Steve Cockram. We live in a chaotic paced culture, with demands vying for our personal and family attention.  This is difficult to navigate.  The church can be equally demanding on our lives.  Without intending to, programs and planning can be distractions and discouragers of the spiritual life God desires and we long for.  Breen advocates that growth comes out of a season of rest. It is this idea that we seek to embrace as a church during this season of Sabbath.  Our goals for the church include:

  • To gain an understanding of the gift of the Fourth Commandment.
  • To explore ways to honor the Lord in our rest.
  • To encourage a relational oriented ministry vs. program based ministry.
  • To provide space for God’s people to rest, breathe, reset, refocus, and listen to God.
  • To prepare us for the work of God in the coming year.
  • To spark an interest in permanently altering our hurried lives into more Spirit-filled lives.
  • To increase hospitality and deepen relationships within the church family.

In order for any of these goals to be met, each person and family should pray, asking God how He wants them to spend His day with them.  This will be personal and will likely differ from house to house.  Avoid comparing.  Resist judgementalism.

It is our firm belief that our church, our families, our marriages, our relationships with God and each other will be stronger by taking time to breathe and focus on Who God is, not just on What He wants us to do. (Mark 3:13-15 “that they might be with Him”).

Will you join us in January 2020 for a season of Sabbath? 


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